Analytics Algorithm and Engineering

Shophaviour provides retailers the ability to monitor and optimize in-store mobile experiences. From store visits and application engagement to department-level dwell times and redemption rates, retailers have access to a wide range of real-time and historical performance metrics and visualization tools to fine tune location-based campaigns.

Dining App: Food ordering made easy

As a restaurant owner, have you ever dreamed of having your customers ordering food from any smartphone or tablet for delivery, take-out, or even dine-in? Would you like to update your menu freely without worrying about printed flyers? How about having the flexibility on your menu to include food items that are seasonal or only offered with limited quantity? Shophaviour can make your menu online and let you update the menu and pricing at anytime. Your customers can now place your take-out orders efficiently online instead of calling and occupying your phone line and resources. You could assign your own delivery boundary and delivery charge, and even reward repeated customers using our application. Call us for a free consultation and a demo of our software!